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Desserts (Postres)
MilkJelly” Crepes
Panqueque de dulce de leche

Apple crepes flambeed with rum

Panqueque de manzana quemado al ron

Banana crepes flambeed with rum

Panqueque de banana quemado al ron

Caramel custard with milk jelly
Flan con dulce de leche

Caramel custard (Flan solo)

Caramel custard with chantilly
Flan con crema chantilly

Peaches in syrup with chantilly
Duraznos en almíbar con crema

Peaches in syrup (Duraznos en almíbar)

Jellied sweet potato and cheese
Dulce de batata y queso

Jellied quince jam and cheese
Dulce de membrillo y queso

International dessert (Postre internacional)
Special dessert from Uruguay ‘Chaja”

Postre Uruguayo Chaja

Special dessert from Argentina “Balcarce”

Postre Argentino Balcarce

La Fusta” Ice cream (Helados a la Fusta)

Regular Ice cream
(Helados varios)

Argentinian alfajores with ice cream

Alfajore Argentino

Fruits Sherbet (Coco, pineapple, tagerine, orange, peach, lemon)

Ask waiter for Special Desserts


Beverages (Bebidas)

Expesso (Café expresso)

Irish coffee

Cappuccino (Capuchino)

Milk (Vaso de leche)

Sodas (Sodas varias)

American coffee (Café americarno)

Sanka (Cafe sanka)

Tea (Te)

Aromatic tea (Te aromaticos)

Water san pelegrino

Bottled Water (Agua Embotellada)



Soda Pitcher

Kids Meal

(Soda included - Soda incluida)

Chicken fingers

With french fries - Con papas fritas

Pasta (Ravioli)
Beef or spinach - Carne ó espinaca

Mini milanesa
With french fries Con papas fritas

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